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12 January 2017

Top tips for attracting the best talent for your pharmacist jobs

Today, pharmacists not only understand the chemical makeup of every drug that can possibly be prescribed, but they also have the insight into helping patients with exactly what drug might be suitable (or not) for their body. With the healthcare industry increasingly under pressure, so pharmacist jobs are becoming more and more important, as they act as the front-line in the battle against flu, and attracting the best talent can be crucial.

Here are our top tips to finding the perfect candidate for your pharmacist jobs: Continue reading “Top tips for attracting the best talent for your pharmacist jobs” »

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2 January 2017

How are drug prices set?


After the scandal over the massive cost of EpiPens in the US this summer, we ask how the prices of drugs and medical devices in the UK are set, and whether or not they’re fair. Continue reading “How are drug prices set?” »

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25 November 2016

What do people in healthcare PR do?


Do you have a background in PR or a career in healthcare and a creative spirit? If so, why not consider honing your skills to join a healthcare PR company? The pay is excellent and the work is varied. Plus the healthcare market is booming. We’ve got a round-up of everything you need to know…  Continue reading “What do people in healthcare PR do?” »

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