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12 January 2017

Top tips for attracting the best talent for your pharmacist jobs

Today, pharmacists not only understand the chemical makeup of every drug that can possibly be prescribed, but they also have the insight into helping patients with exactly what drug might be suitable (or not) for their body. With the healthcare industry increasingly under pressure, so pharmacist jobs are becoming more and more important, as they act as the front-line in the battle against flu, and attracting the best talent can be crucial.

Here are our top tips to finding the perfect candidate for your pharmacist jobs:

Are you showcasing your business in the best way?

So much of what we do today is done online, and this is certainly the case when it comes to candidates looking for pharmacist jobs. With competition not only up and down the country but across the world for the best talent, ensuring that your website is up-to-date, optimised for mobile devices and reflects your business and culture is a must. If your website is uninviting, then it’s likely to put off the candidates you are looking to recruit.

Do you know what your ideal candidate looks like?

Just filling a pharmacy assistant job or even a pharmacy technician job with someone that can do the role may be the answer for some, but for others this might not work. Understanding what your ideal candidate looks like from the outset, how much time you are willing to put in to develop their pharmacy careers, and how you see the them fitting in to your culture can not only save you time but it will go a long way in helping you to find your ideal candidate.

Are you making the most of what you’ve got?

As the old saying goes, good talent knows good talent and top talent always attracts top talent, so it’s always worth asking and even incentivising your own employees if they know anyone worth approaching. Using your employees to shout about what a good company you are to work for is a sure way to know that they will fit into your business and importantly culture.

Where are all the pharmacists?

The talent that you are looking for is out there, but with the internet there are a variety of places they could be hiding. Discovering where your potential candidates are looking for their next role, and where those who aren’t looking to move their pharmacy careers just yet are hanging out, such as The Pharmacist Show in Birmingham, will help you understand them more.

Are you providing a competitive salary?

While salary isn’t necessarily everything for every candidate – LinkedIn ’s Winning Talent Report, found that no amount of money could tempt over half (53%) of UK workers to consider taking a role at a company with a poor employer brand – it does pay to ensure your salary matches or betters your competitors. See if your pharmacy technician salary and other roles match up against the industry here.

Do you offer attractive benefits?

Much like salary, it’s important to not be left behind when it comes to benefits, and to highlight these everywhere you can –  they should be at the front-end of the hiring process, rather than an add on at the end. Offering benefits such as health plans, flexible working and pharmacy training can be the difference between a candidate taking their next career move with you or another company who offer a better alignment between benefits and work-life balance.

Have you tried refreshing your recruitment techniques?

New technology means there are a plethora of new techniques that can be used to find your perfect candidate. Automation can help whittle down hundreds of candidates for your pharmacy job in minutes rather than hours, while gamification can invigorate the application process to make it more exciting and inviting for applicants.

Whether you have started your search already, or are about to begin the journey, the recruitment process should be and enjoyable process for both you and the candidate. Taking steps up front can save you time and ensure you get the right person for the right job.

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